Not really. Maybe.

BioWiki is not meant to be full of restrictions. Just enjoy yourself, and let's hope we don't have to worry about the breaking of rules.

You will be fine if you remember this: BioWiki is a place of learning. Remembering that at all times will prevent any unnecessary problems. However, if you have a bad memory, a few guidelines might help:

1. Do not create or edit an article with content that is not your original work. Yes, that means info from Wikipedia, too.

2. Do not create articles which are not related to biology.

3. Do not purposefully destroy the work of others.

Style Tips[]

  • Use the full name in the page name, not an abbreviation.
  • Link pages using two [[Biology]] marks. Adenosine Triphosphate <--- This is what links look like.
  • Use == for headers on both sides. Use === to make a subsection of those. ==Biology==
  • Every article should have a logical structure. Most of them come with a definition of one paragraph, then the sections which can be History, some other content section and finally See also and External links, if any. Images should be at the top or wherever they are useful.
  • If you add an image, put it on the RIGHT side of the screen.
  • Use * for lists
  • Double space after each period.