Hello13world Hello13world 29 December 2021

How the food molecules reach your kidneys

In the first place, you have the consume the food into your mouth. Your incisors help you bite and cut them in order to have them fit into your mouth, then you will be using your premolars and molars to crush them, so that the food will be easier to digest due to the larger surface area in the later stages. Swallowing When the bolus of food passes through the pharynx, your tongue will rises and pushes the food bolus into the back of the mouth cavity, then the soft palate closes in order to prevent the bolus from going into your nasal cavity. After that, the larynx moves upwards and outwards, while the epiglottis covers the trachea so as to not let the bolus enter the trachea. But if you talk during the time, the bolus of food might go into your trachea due to …

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